Dental Implants in Mount Waverley, VIC

Man and woman smiling At Mount Waverley Smiles, our dentists want to help you achieve your smile goals. If you have missing teeth, you may think little can be done to help, but Dr Austin Rhee and Dr William Huynh offer tooth loss solutions in Mount Waverley, VIC.

Dental implants are a long-term solution to tooth loss, whether you have a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or no teeth at all.

Our dentists hold no judgments and are simply keen to help our patients improve their livelihoods.

Dental Implants 

A dental implant relies on a thin titanium post to replace the root of your missing tooth. This post is sturdy and able to hold a dental crown. A dental crown stands in for your missing tooth, covers your implant post and it is coloured and shaped to blend easily with your natural teeth.

The process begins with a smile consult and exam in our Mount Waverley, VIC dental clinic. Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums and likely take x-rays if no recent films are on hand.

Considerations for dental implants include your health and the state of your jaw and sinus. When teeth are missing your jawbone shrinks away over time. To hold a dental implant, you generally need sufficient jawbone. If the space between your upper jaw and sinus is insufficient, this may also play a role. In some situations, bone grafting may be recommended, or a sinus lift.

Our Mount Waverley, VIC dentists work hard to help patients get the services they desire and will always look into every option.

Dental Implant Options

Your dentist in Mount Waverley may recommend an implant-supported dental bridge if you have multiple missing teeth in a row and do not want multiple dental implants. A dental bridge is a line of restoration teeth that stand-in for natural teeth. The bridge teeth are usually suspended between adjacent healthy teeth via dental crowns. A dental implant can help secure a dental bridge to complete your smile.

An implant-supported denture in Mount Waverley means an attached denture via dental implants. Dental implant posts are sturdy, and generally, it takes only a few dental implants to support an entire denture. This means no more slippage or adhesives.

The Benefits of Dental Implants in Mount Waverley picture of dental crown

Dental implants in Mount Waverley replace your natural teeth and may help prevent jawbone shrinkage, which can lead to a sunken appearance in your lower face.

Additionally, dental implants are designed to enhance your bite force, allowing you to indulge in a healthier diet. And when your smile is intact, you don’t have to worry about shifting teeth. Yes, existing teeth tend to move towards the gaps created by missing teeth.

Finally, dental implants require no special care. They look and function much like natural teeth. You simply brush and floss as usual and visit your Mount Waverley, VIC dentist regularly for exams and cleans—the same guidelines that apply to natural teeth. It’s crucial to adhere to these guidelines because dental implants—like any restoration—can not prevent gum disease or gum infections.

Scheduling a Dental Implant Exam in Mount Waverley

If you’re considering dental implants in Mount Waverley, Glen Waverley, Chadstone, Burwood, Oakleigh, Ashwood, Blackburn or the surrounding areas, we invite you to give us a call to book an implant exam