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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Children's Dentistry

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Our Mount Waverley, VIC dentists enjoy educating patients about their oral health, and they always take time to answer your questions. If you have questions for our dentists that are not addressed below, or if you would like more information, we invite you to contact our dental clinic. 

Children's Dentistry

Young boy sitting on top of father's shouldersOur dentists recommend children’s dentistry in Mount Waverley, VIC at around age one. This initial booking is designed to acclimate your child to the sights and sounds of a dental clinic and make sure his or her teeth are coming in correctly. During this exam, your child can take a ride in the dental chair and learn a little about teeth counting.

Child's First Appointment

The first appointment is simply a way to help your child to feel comfortable and relaxed in the dental setting and have a look at their teeth and gums as well.

We believe that creating positive experiences around dentistry helps children develop healthy habits that may last into adulthood.

After your child’s first visit, we will introduce age-appropriate services and treatments as needed to help maintain your child’s smile.

Contact Our Mount Waverley Clinic

We also set aside time to answer your questions and address your concerns when it comes to your child’s dental health. A member of our dental team can provide tips to help you keep your child’s smile healthy at home as well.

When it comes to children’s dentistry in Mount Waverley, VIC, we always use a gentle hand and constant reassurance. Our dentists and staff are friendly and patient—we enjoy meeting children.

If you would like to schedule a children’s dentistry exam in Mount Waverley, VIC, we welcome your call.

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