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Clear Braces Don't Use Brackets or Wires

August 27, 2020
Posted By: Mount Waverley Smiles
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At Mount Waverley Smiles,  we love how much dentistry has progressed in even just a few decades. Adults who envision braces might think of traditional metal "train-tracks" that were used as orthodontic treatment. 

While this might have been the primary treatment available for a long time, Mount Waverley patients might be interested in learning about clear braces. Clear plastic aligners have many benefits that wearers appreciate and enjoy, including:

The Advantages of Clear Braces in Mount Waverley

We love any orthodontic process that straightens your teeth, but clear braces might have some benefits that their metal counterparts might lack. 

Invisible and Hard to Notice

The clear plastic easily blends in with your smile and can be challenging to spot. We wish we could say the same about metal braces, but they pretty much declare that you are getting dental work done. Patients might find themselves engaging with people all day, and not one mentions their aligners. Instead, people will be taken with your happy, confident, and healthy-looking smile. 

Don't Let Wires and Brackets Scare You Off

Many Mount Waverley patients put off the straightening treatment they always wanted out of fear of conspicuous and awkward metal braces. Professional adults are very aware of how their smile can affect their relationships, career, and lifestyle. It can be difficult to be professional with an orthodontic treatment that is typically associated with teenagers and young adults.  

Clear braces address and solve many of these issues, leaving our patients with removable, invisible, and comfortable clear aligners. 

Now, instead of having years of metal braces in all your family photos, you can enjoy years of dazzling smiles!

Are You Interested in Upgrading Your Smile?

Modern patients have few reasons why they shouldn't straighten their teeth and enhance their image. Clear braces allow our patients to eat their favourite foods, speak clearly, and never have to worry about their dental prosthetics shifting or falling out. If you'd like to book a consultation, call our Mount Waverley dental clinic. 

Disclaimer: The information throughout this site is not intended to be taken as medical advice.