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What Are The Symptoms of Gum Disease?

December 11, 2021
Posted By: Mount Waverley Smiles
Man with gum disease in Mount Waverley

Do you notice a shade of pink in your toothpaste while brushing? Or how about painful, swollen gums that seem to be getting in the way of things in everyday life? Gum disease commonly affects many patients and sometimes has detrimental consequences if not detected early. At Mount Waverley Smiles, we diagnose, treat, and prevent gum disease, helping our patients control their oral health.

What Is Gum Disease?

Bacteria that live in plaque can at times get out of control and inflame the gums- leading to what we call 'gum disease.' While symptoms may feel annoying, early gum disease can go away with diligent brushing, flossing, use of antibacterial mouthwash and, of course, regular checkups with a dentist. Another form of gum disease called periodontitis also exists. It can not be cured but can be managed. It presents with more severe symptoms that may include:

  • Swollen, red gums
  • Recession of the gums
  • Abnormal loosening of teeth
  • Bad breath or foul taste in the mouth
  • Deepening pockets between the teeth and gums
  • Blood during and after flossing and brushing

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Mount Waverley, VIC

Periodontitis can have devastating effects on the teeth and gums over time if not treated correctly and on time. We provide our patients in Mount Waverley with treatments and effective prevention methods to alleviate and avoid any pain and ongoing conditions related to periodontal disease.

How To Avoid Gum Disease

By avoiding foods unhealthy for teeth, such as lollies, sweet drinks, popcorn, or other starchy and sticky foods, your oral health already stands a better chance against gum disease. A healthy diet combined with regular teeth cleaning at home every day and routine appointments at the dentists can do wonders for the prevention of gum disease!

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