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woman with dental bridge in mount waverley

Are Dental Bridges Permanent?

October 18, 2021
Posted By: Mount Waverley Smiles
woman with dental bridge in mount waverley

If you have missing teeth, you may be wondering about the benefits of tooth replacement, including the dental bridge.

A dental bridge in Mount Waverley, VIC is a tooth replacement option that relies on dental crowns and a prosthetic to complete your smile.

How a Dental Bridge Works

Think of a dental bridge as artificial teeth that bridge the gap in your smile. The prosthetic has a dental crown on either side to secure these new teeth. The crowns cap healthy teeth so the prosthetic teeth can bridge your smile gap.  

Your dental bridge and crowns are always custom designed and made to complement your smile.

Dental Bridge Longevity

A dental bridge and the anchoring crowns may last for many years with the proper upkeep and healthy habits.

  1. The first step is maintaining regular dental care with your Mount Waverley dentist. This can mean one or two dental check-ups per year.
  2. These check-ups include an assessment of your teeth and gums as well as professional teeth cleaning. Your dentist also provides an oral cancer screening and takes x-rays periodically.
  3. During your check-ups, your dentist also checks on the health of your previous dental work, including your dental bridge.
  4. For your part, we recommend following a healthy oral care routine at home—brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing once or after each meal.
  5. Your dentist will also talk to you about a special floss threader and cleaning brush that help keep your dental bridge and crowns in top shape and free from bacteria.

Are You Considering Tooth Replacement in Mount Waverley?

Tooth replacement not only restores your smile but may also contribute to better oral health. If you would like to get started with a tooth-replacement consultation or if you have questions for our dental team, we welcome your call.

Disclaimer: The information throughout this site is not intended to be taken as medical advice.