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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Clear Braces

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Our Mount Waverley, VIC dentists enjoy educating patients about their oral health, and they always take time to answer your questions. If you have questions for our dentists that are not addressed below, or if you would like more information, we invite you to contact our dental clinic. 

Clear Braces

Are you committed to your oral health? Do you care that your smile looks great and stays clean? Then Invisalign clear aligners may be your solution! Although some treatments may provide effective and timely results, some patients may feel hesitant or anxious about the potential for pain or discomfort.

Is Invisalign a Painful Treatment?

Everyone’s smile is unique, and each patient may experience treatments differently. Patients may sometimes feel tiny amounts of pressure when changing to a new set of aligner trays that slowly shift their teeth. Still, Invisalign is generally known as a convenient, painless treatment for uneven or crooked teeth.

Invisalign in Mount Waverley, VIC

Crooked teeth can cause quite a few issues for patients. Invisalign can work for many who didn’t have braces in the past or would prefer to avoid using rubber bands or metal wires to straighten their smiles. At Mount Waverley Smiles, we professionally assess each patient’s teeth to decide if Invisalign is the right choice for their oral health.

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We invite new and existing patients who care about their overall oral health and smiles to contact our practice for an initial consultation. You can book online or call us on (03) 9888 2523. We look forward to helping you achieve the smile you’ve always desired!

Straighter, whiter teeth is a smile trait that millions of Australians might be interested in.

The great news is that anyone can redesign their smile without the dreaded "metal-mouth." While traditional orthodontics are very effective, we are here to answer questions Mount Waverley patients may have regarding the invisible nature of clear braces that work well with comfort and style.

How Clear Aligners Work

It's hard to imagine how discreet aligners are until you see them and experience them.

What many patients appreciate is that they never have to worry about or deal with metal brackets or wires. This benefit to plastic aligners allows many patients to remove their aligners before meals, before brushing and flossing, and before a special event or photo. 

Aligners work through a series of custom-fabricated trays that gently shift your teeth up to 0.25 mm to their desired position. 

Invisible Braces Can Treat Many Smile Flaws

Patients with mild to severe smile issues like overbites, underbites, spaces between teeth, and overcrowded teeth might be interested in the many benefits that invisible braces provide. 

Untreated misaligned bites or smiles can lead to joint problems, jaw bone pain, plaque accumulation, gum disease, and more. 

Pop Your Aligners in and Get on With Your Life

Invisible braces can change your life in a few straightforward and simple steps. Dr Austin Rhee is here to answer any questions or go over any concerns together. 

Do you dream of a straighter, more orderly smile for yourself? Maybe you are tired of getting food stuck in your teeth and risking the development of cavities or plaque buildup. Luckily, patients who visit Mount Waverley Smiles can benefit from our Invisalign treatment that realigns their teeth, just like traditional braces, but without all of the elastics and wires!

The Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Patients wanting to straighten their teeth but don’t want to deal with numerous repeat appointments and the hassle associated with traditional braces can achieve great, straight smiles thanks to Invisalign. Some notable benefits include:

  • Invisalign clear aligners straighten teeth without damaging your cosmetic appearance.
  • Avoidance of metal, wires, and any associated inconveniences
  • Invisalign clear aligners allow for easy cleaning
  • Provide a comfortable teeth-alignment option
  • Achieve a higher level of oral health
  • Patients can still eat and drink their favourite foods and beverages
  • Potential for increased self-esteem
  • Upkeep is simple, and patients can easily keep up with their oral health during treatment.

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We warmly invite all patients curious about how Invisalign can improve their smile with minimal hassle to contact our practice. Our staff is available on (03) 9888 2523, or patients can easily schedule an initial consultation online.

So, you’ve decided to align your teeth with the help of clear braces, or maybe you are considering an ‘invisible’ solution to fix crooked teeth and achieve a more orderly smile. Patients should wear their braces all day and night for the best results, but what is the best way to keep them clean?

Keeping Your Clear Braces Clean

Clear braces or aligners offer many advantages for cosmetic appearance during the alignment process. To keep your braces and the rest of your mouth clean, patients can use a few easy tips and tricks to help facilitate their alignment process.

  • Soak in water and gentle soap
  • Use a soft brush to remove any food particulates.
  • Soaking aligners in white vinegar and water or baking soda and water can also clean aligners.

If you are ever in doubt about cleaning your aligners, our friendly staff at Mt. Waverley Smiles can offer expert advice to keep your clear braces clean and get the most out of your procedure.

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Patients deserve to get the most from any treatment at our practice. Our professional staff is here to assist before, during, and after treatments to ensure optimal results. We invite all new and existing patients to call us at (03) 9888 2523 or arrange a consultation online for more information.

Close up of woman using Invisalign | Dentist Mount waverley VICInvisalign is the clear alternative to traditional metal and wire braces, and the Invisalign system is designed to correct mild to moderate bite issues, crooked teeth, twisted teeth, overlapping teeth and gaps between teeth.

The first step is an exam and consultation for Invisalign in Mount Waverley, VIC. Your dentist provides a comprehensive exam to make sure Invisalign is the right solution for your smile. You are also encouraged to share information with your dentist, including what you’re looking for in a new smile.

Invisalign in Mount Waverley, VIC

If Invisalign in Mount Waverley, VIC is found to be the solution for you, your dentist takes an impression of your teeth, and Invisalign uses these impressions to make your clear plastic aligners. You typically wear your aligners for 22 hours each day, but you can remove them when eating or brushing your teeth. You also change your aligners approximately every two weeks. Your dentist will tell you how long your Invisalign therapy will last.

Following Invisalign therapy, your dentist provides a custom retainer to prompt your teeth to stay in their new straight positions.

Would You Like to Learn More about Invisalign?

If you would like to learn whether Invisalign is right for you, we welcome your call to arrange a booking with your dentist.

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